Jonathan Brancati is the director and founder of The Right Habit. He is the head designer and facilitator of the programs and workshops run by the organization.
Jonathan has overcome much adversity along his inspirational journey. His experience and subsequent growth have seen him develop into an intuitive, empathetic and inspirational mentor. .

Jonathan Brancati
Speaker, Facilitator, Founder of The Right Habit

Before professional football my two passions in life were cooking and football. As a kid and even well into my teenage years I never believed strong enough that I was good enough to become a professional footballer so I concentrated my studies and employment around hospitality and working with food.

Jerrad Tyson
Professional Footballer, Speaker, The Right Habit Ambassador

You're probably thinking what's good about this guy... Don't worry, that's what we are all trying to figure out as well. This guy's name is Taga Paa.
You may or may not have heard of him but he is one guy that doesn't take anything too serious. He has been working with young people for the past..

Taga Paa
Performer, Speaker, Student Support

Born and raised in Sydney’s west, C MAJOR is Sydney’s renowned self produced Soul/RnB/Pop/Latin Sensation.
Carlos Velazquez (C Major) pursued his fathers’ musical influence for a career and lifestyle.
He followed his dream ...

C Major
Performer, Speaker