Guest speaker

Our range of guest speakers provides valuable lessons to all students.

Great for special events, raising awareness, self improvement and entertainment; it is always a heart-warming and motivational experience.

Students will leave the sessions with a new outlook in life, be inspired and guided as to which paths to take to achieve what their goals.

Continuous support is always offered.

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Six week program

A number of programs have been successfully delivered in schools around Sydney. These programs aimed at senior students (Years 10, 11 and 12) have seen a huge impact on the lives of the students.

The Right Habit program includes 6 hourly weekly sessions in small groups. Throughout these interactive workshops, students will:

– Develop an understanding of their thinking patterns
– Implement changes to control their thoughts and behavior
– Learn and practice a new goal setting strategy
– Through the use of visualization, find out what their dreams are
– Self observation and assessment

With many life-changing testimonials from students and teachers, this program is by far the most popular.

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One term program

The one term program is an extension to the 5 week program.

It visits the same principles more in-depth with the extra time allowing for more interaction. The ongoing support means the ability to really see the results for a longer period of time and put everything into action with constant feedback.

This also allows the opportunity of personal mentoring with targeted students and more in focus groups where applicable.

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“I have never been involved in a more powering and transforming program. It has been months since the program and the students are still using the goal setting strategies the learned. I would recommend it to anyone!”

David Merzi – Teacher and year advisor, Cambridge Park High School


“Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 have participated in The Right Habit initiative. A great program focusing on empowering young people’s resilience, goal setting and strength. Highly recommended!”

Belinda Giudice – Deputy Principal, Merrylands High School


“Before today I was never able to see a happy future. Thanks to this program I have now seen how great it could be and I will achieve it. Thank you.”

Julie – Student, Cambridge Park High School


“After speaking to Drs and psychiatrists for the past 2 years, no one has helped me the way you have.”

Nadia – Student, Merrylands High School



Specialised sessions are run for a number of different groups. Programs are available for:

– Private groups (organize a private workshop with your group at your convenient location or one of our locations. Depending on availability)
– Offices and work places
– Events and seminars
– Sporting groups

Sporting groups

A uniquely designed program focusing on player development. Goal setting, mind setting, personal experiences and a great mentoring program available to develop players into elite athletes.
Watch this space for the upcoming events and seminars.

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Personal Coaching

There is nothing more important in life than personal growth. In order for us to be able to help others and be in a constant place of happiness, we must continuously work on ourselves.

The top athletes around the world have coaches to push them into a state of constant growth and peak performance. Analysing their performances and improving every step of the way.

Personal trainers are used daily around their world to work on our physical health. Pushing us through our pain barriers and reaching our fitness levels we have always wanted. Without them, those goals may be extremely harder if not impossible because of the mental barriers we put upon ourselves.

The difference between where we are and where we want to be is controlling those mental barriers. Having your personal coach will help you understand and develop patterns to transform your life. If you realise that you are going through life without major moments of bliss, constantly worried or stressed and you feel like there is more to life than what you are living at the moment, then a personal coach is for you. Become what you deserve.

Why use The Right Habit coaches?

With years of experience, education and testimonials, TRH provides results.
Our very personalized coaching approach has seen successful stories from hundreds of people. You are guaranteed to develop a stronger mindset, understand your thinking patterns and implement techniques to turn your life around.
Our proven track record has seen people come out of depression, overcome traumatic situations and excel their lives in all areas.

We are so confident in our results, that we provide a money back guarantee. Ask us about it.

The time is now to start living. Become what you deserve. Get into The Right Habit.

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“I can’t thank you enough for making me wake up to myself.”

Keira B


“I can honestly say, I will never look back after contacting The Right Habit. Thank you for the encouragement, motivation and so much more. I will suggest them to everyone.”

Ana A