Give it a go

 Studies have shown that those in their dying beds, when looking back at their life the biggest regrets lie with the things they didn’t get a chance to do, they never tried and didn’t do. That holiday we never took, that person we never spoke to, that relationship we never fixed, that career we never […]


Priorities is here! This website has been in the works for years. It is one of those things that has been “in the works” for a long time but never really seems to get completed. A lot of people have these projects, holidays, healthy routines, important things to do that has taken a lot longer […]


Attitude and choices

 Don’t let yourself be discouraged by the little obstacles. Remember to focus on the positive aspect of all that is happening around us. We have the power to choose what to focus on and what to feel, might as well make it a good one. Make the decisions that will make you happy.



 Six Rules on How to Be Successful By Arnold Schwarzenegger 1. Trust yourself 2. Break some rules 3. Don’t be afraid to fail 4. Ignore the naysayers 5. Work like hell 6. Give something back.   The first rule is: Trust yourself And what I mean by that is, so many young people are getting […]


Breaking Walls

 We are limited by the beliefs we put upon ourselves. Start paying attention at the language we use and the thoughts we have. Are they a positive reinforcement in your life? Or are they bringing you down? Next time you have a negative thought or you catch yourself saying something negative ask yourself, is this […]


Stay Motivated

 The moments we remember most in life are those where we step outside our comfort zones. Take risks, live life, enjoy it and always give 100%. It is the only way to create progress and success. Living inside a comfortable bubble will be a direct path to a mediocre life. Get out there and push […]